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I am so over the moon elated right now! For the first time in a long time, I am so proud of our judicial system here in the USA. Welcome to 2015, America--love who you want to love, live how you want to live! Happy Pride Love Wins:)

Supreme Court Rules for NATIONWIDE Marriage Equality

<3 <3

Of Love and Other Simple Things: Chapter 3

Chapter 3, Chapter 3, it's here, it's here!! Blah blah blah, read it on Percipience, blah blah :D

Title: Of Love and Other Simple Things
Chapter: Addicted (Chapter 3)
Word Count: 1233
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Adult Language. Sexual Situations. Drug use.
Preview: “You can’t avoid me forever, Ryland—I’m your ride.”

My eyes shot to him, scoffing defensively. “I’m not avoiding you.”

Zac just shrugged, walking over to the soda machine to fill his cup. “If you say so.”

AddictedCollapse )

Of Love and Other Simple Things: Chapter 2

Here's Chapter 2 of Of Love and Other Simple Things! As always, you can check that out on my website, Percipience , but can also view more below. Enjoy!

Title: Of Love and Other Simple Things
Chapter: Imagination Infatuation (Chapter 2)
Word Count: 1032
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Adult Language. Sexual Situations. Drug use.
Preview: “Morning,” I replied, suddenly aware I was dripping water all over Mrs. Hanson’s hardwoods…which reminded me that I probably looked like a drowned rat.

Imagination InfatuationCollapse )

Fails and grump.

So, I actively participated in Camp NanoWriMo for the first time...and failed miserably.

I completed 15,256 words of my 30,000-word goal; just over half, with 14,744 words remaining. Which still sounds fairly impressive, until you realize I started with 10,000 words. I just haven't been able to write.

On the bright side, I am just about halfway through Of Love...; the chapter I'm working on now is one of a couple especially important chapters in the story, and it's going to tie up some still-loose ends--if I can ever get it out.

Time to oil the chains, I guess!

Guys; it's been like six months, and I can say this story is finally coming along--and I hope to start posting at the end of the month. And I think I'm also going to do Camp NaNo in April to help bust out the second half of this story and finish...but who knows. There's a lot still left to resolve between Zac and Ryland, and everyone in their lives...but I have a good start and I'm excited.

And once that's all done, I can focus on some other projects that have been eyeing me from the dusty abyss of my bookshelf.

PSST! There's another graphic down here because I'm bored.Collapse )
As any who's anyone in the Hanfic community knows, my dear friend and cohortauthor Bethany (shewasred) has launched another round of the Blank Page Awards over on her site, Place to Hide (dot) net.

I know that I've been absent in the Hanfic world as of late. I can't and won't give excuses, but needless to say I have been a ghost in the realms of reading and writing, and I suck for it. But...I'm still gonna ask for any of you lovely Hanfic readers, authors, and everything in between, to please please PLEASE consider nominating me for the Blank Page Awards, if you feel me so worthy? I'm going through my backlog, catching up little by little on everyone's stories (comments may or may not be made, but I swear I'm reading!) and will be sending in my own nominations over the next week or so. I won't say what stories or authors I'm nominating, but I will say the nominations will go to those who deserve them; I just hope someone feels as though I deserve them, too!

If you want to get caught up on any of my stores, which include Parts I and II of the Black Balloon Series (Starring Ryland & Zac), my 3-part novella "A Scar Away", or my one-shots "In Came The Light" and "Since I Told You It's Over", head over to my website: Percipience

If you're not sure what the Blank Page Awards are, what they're for, or why you should nominate me for them, head over to The Blank Page Awards for all the details, including a handy list of genre definitions, how to submit your nominations, and some boring stuff, like the rules or something.

While you're there, check out Bethany's massive Hanfic archive at Place To Hide (dot) net, which has everything from 1998 to the present. Seriously; she's got "Tulsa 74132" and basically all of Hanfic ever written. Ever. She's even got her own Hanfic site, Extemporaneous, which deserves at least a once-over if you're not familiar with her work.

Anyway, readers. That's me, begging for your nominations like the pauper I am...no hard feelings if it doesn't happen, though.

Of Love and Other Simple Things: TEASER

Hey y'all! I know I've been silent for some time, but I have had several stories I've been trying to work on/flush out, plus some health things and other boring life stuff...but I wanted to share a little something with you. I'm still nowhere near ready to do any regular posting, but I did finish the prologue to the third (and final) installment of the Black Balloon series, Of Love and Other Simple Things, and wanted to share! I hope you enjoy it and are excited to follow Ryland and Zac in their last story.

Title: Of Love and Other Simple Things
Chapter: Prologue
Word Count: 931
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Adult Language. Sexual Situations. Drug use.
Preview: I didn’t see the car that pulled in behind me; I didn’t even hear its engine, or the door that undoubtedly opened and then closed out of my view.

But I heard his voice call my name.

PrologueCollapse )
Guys. I make no promises or guarantees of when posting will begin, as I am still very early in this process, but I've started the outline, and drafted a few scenes, of Ryland and Zac's next big adventure!

Rename, rename.

I want to rename this journal. I set it up to specifically house my story, Don't Stop Me Now, but it has morphed into my standard Hanfic journal, so I want something more general. I just don't have an extra $15USD to purchase a rename token.


I hate being poor.


Off topic, but not.

So, "Weird Al" Yankovic just released a new album called Mandatory Fun, and on it is this little ditty titled "Word Crimes". It's about grammar. And as writers, I think we all need to watch, listen, and take away something useful from this video (some more than others, but everyone is at different stages in their writing game, so it's OK).